30 August 2008

Sharpened Watercolor Flowers 1053

I did this on Microsoft Photo Editor from a beautiful flower photo sent me today by Gail in California, without whom I am nothing...........


14 August 2008

tasty treat

a joint effort between BB and me. At Stone Quarry Art Park.

05 August 2008

"Dune 740"

Gail Slaughter of California took the beautiful dune shot to the left and sent it to me, knowing full well, perhaps, that I would take that beauty and mess it up with my OWN version, seen below.

How did I get so much sky?

Well, in Microsoft Photo Editor you can select a portion of a picture, copy just that section, and move it around. In this case I took a hunk of ground and all the sky I could, then copied that section lower down, repeat repeat repeat until I had pasted a whole lotta sky over the sand. (The "SMUDGE" tool works great for blending out lines and gaps and irregularities to make the effects look fairly seamless.)

"Dune 608"

Gail Slaughter produced the top photo....(California dune shot) and I fooled around with Microsoft Photo Editor to make the bottom one from it.............................MS

(Hint: select a section with sky above, ground below, then paste it lower down to mask the ground, repeat, repeat repeat until you have lotsa sky to play with, then use smudge function to blend images together relatively seamlessly........time involved: 10 minutes max!........MS)