13 April 2008

Sun and Shadows

I haven't heard from Michael in a while. I think he's on the road, and I hope he'll return to Everything in Particular when he arrives.

Life is a balance of sun and shadows, the yin and yang, the growth and decay.

I haven't got what it takes to fill in for Michael while he's gone, but I hope all of you are happy in your lives.

04 April 2008

A true honor, from an honorable source


Raven's Nest has awarded EinP this award, which Raven received herself and passed on to us. She mentions me by name in her posting, but the truth is, I just sweep the floors around here. The real reason EinP maintains its variety, humor, and heart is because people send me things and come here to comment and discuss them. Raven has been one of our most faithful friends, and we thank her deeply, but we also thank the long list of "People to See" in our left margin, any one of which can be said to be a friend in times of discouragement,
the time when you need friends the most.

01 April 2008

Introducing a new character...


Yeah, I'm a tough guy...on the outside. Gotta be, when yer a Net Detective. When da Blog Police can't solve it, it comes to me. I'm da gumshoe dat goes ta blogs where nobody goes, who does the dirty work what nobody wants ta do. You bloggers out dere know me. I don't mess 'round. When somebody steals yer stuff, I'm on the case. When somebody uses bad grammer, I come down hard. I don't take no guff.
I DO take cheezburgerz.
"I'm Buddy Bloglist...Private Eye."
Stay tuned for Buddy's new adventure, "Attack of the Blog Monster"... coming soon to Everything in Particular!