13 April 2008

Sun and Shadows

I haven't heard from Michael in a while. I think he's on the road, and I hope he'll return to Everything in Particular when he arrives.

Life is a balance of sun and shadows, the yin and yang, the growth and decay.

I haven't got what it takes to fill in for Michael while he's gone, but I hope all of you are happy in your lives.


Raven said...

Beautiful photos. Hope Michael is well and enjoying himself. I'm sure you will do fine filling in for him.

Anonymous said...

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---Michael--- said...

Well, I am sort of back now, but using a library computer. Many adventures, some unpleasant, have ensued in the last few weeks. But I guess it will be awhile before I am back up and operating at anything like full capacity.

In short, the ceiling in my apartment collapsed, my truck broke down, and I had to collect my wits and all my resources to merely have a place to live!

Smokey my cat is OK, tho, and I have got more-or-less established in a smaller but actually better apartment, and though the folks at ATT haven't been too quick about getting my phone or internet up again, someday soon I may be actually able to communicate with the outside world again.

For those of you who heard about my trip to Vermont, well, all these events prevented it. And the stimulus check from the government cannot come too soon...

Thanks, everybody, for "tuning in" to EinP and to Mary for carrying the torch while my troubles get themselves sorted out.