01 April 2008

Introducing a new character...


Yeah, I'm a tough guy...on the outside. Gotta be, when yer a Net Detective. When da Blog Police can't solve it, it comes to me. I'm da gumshoe dat goes ta blogs where nobody goes, who does the dirty work what nobody wants ta do. You bloggers out dere know me. I don't mess 'round. When somebody steals yer stuff, I'm on the case. When somebody uses bad grammer, I come down hard. I don't take no guff.
I DO take cheezburgerz.
"I'm Buddy Bloglist...Private Eye."
Stay tuned for Buddy's new adventure, "Attack of the Blog Monster"... coming soon to Everything in Particular!


Raven said...

Michael - pop by Raven's Nest... and check out the post called Honored....

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

So cute! This is really nice, MIKE, nice work!