11 February 2010

30 January 2010

The People mover at Night


The People mover at Night, pigment markers. by me, Mary Stebbins Taitt.

13 January 2010

Here's a good guess: EVERBODY who has a computer (and/or a laptop, I-phone, notebook, etc etc etc) is frustrated by the attempts to make technology work, daily. Point two: everybody's got at least some of these devces, therefore, the entire world is in some state of frustration.
But think about it. (I did after buying a bunch of Chinese pencils from WalMart and found I couldn't sharpen them without the points breaking. EVERY SINGLE TIME... EVERY SINGLE ONE.)
Technology does not advance or retreat, it inhabits, like those relatives who come for Christmas and won't leave. If we make it, it has a disturbing habit of hanging around long enough to wear out its welcome.
And days will come in the future that we will be nostalgic for those good-ole PCs and how easy it was in them thar days to get along in the world, then turn around and tell our grandchildren's grandchildren how screwed up we had it compared to the present cushy world of 2040. (I am assuming we'll all be living in nursing homes run by robots by then, unable to die.)
At least it will give us something to kvetch about...

08 January 2010

The Kaleidoscopic Life

Through these windows, lightly. Life, in fragments.

My Wish

(This greeting I pass on from Sometimes Saintly Nick and his feline friend Alex, adding that wherever good wishes come from, we should feel grateful for them and pass them on down.)

Simple Rules

Fractal Work by Mary Stebbins Taitt

Fractal computer art is an art form.. let there be no mistake about that.
Yes, the image is created and exists (until printed) as electrons dancing in a box and on a screen, frozen in that dance, the dance itself determined ALMOST by random chance. Fractal geometries are based on the mathematics of nature herself and are interesting in that, like nature, the patterns persist at every scale, small to large, and therefore are not random and chaotic but instead random and yet organized and, as noted here, extremely beautiful to the human eye and brain.
God works through art such as this, make no mistake about THAT, either!

05 January 2010

Happy New Year!

I haven't been able to post because my Picasa web album filled up.

I hope you ahev a great New year!