13 September 2008

On the Road

Imagine my AMAZEMENT when I visited Silk Creek Portal and saw Gail's bike looking out at the ocean.
Oh, wait, you can't. The reason the picture made my jaw drop was because I JUST bought a bike like hers!!! But mine has a luggage rack and detachable baskets.
And no fenders. And knobby tires. And a widdle BELL.


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Where's your bike? And the new you?

Are we talking politics here?

sonia a. mascaro said...

Hi Michael,
Thank you so much for your nice words on my blog Anniversary! I am glad you make me a visit.

---Michael--- said...

My new/old used but wonderful bike is corraled in the garage at the moment, next to my brother's two trail bikes. (He is apparently superhuman and can ride more than one at a time, I guess.)

The NEW ME is same as the old me, except older, wiser and more battered and ready for the deep fat.

THANK YOU for the "birthday picture", Mary, which I DID GET and which holds an honored place in my heart and on my dashboard (because I don't have a permanent place of residence quite yet to hang it in).

Thasnk YOU, Sonia, for coming to E in P to visit, and welcome, and please come back, come back, come back, every time you feel the need to remind us of your existence and to remind us that you have a wonderful life, which, in reading the blog anniversary you posted andf seeing all the great picvtures of YOUR blogging friends reminds us that the blogging world is as free andf open and spirited (and lovely) as anywhere in existence today.....

---Michael--- said...

Oh, no politics HERE, Mary...whatever gives you the idea I could EVER have ANY interest in Politics????