16 May 2009

Mermaid Manipulation

From time to time I post stuff both in E in P and in Nerd Shots, my site dedicated to Computer art which is to say, pictures that have been enhanced or altered or invented inside the electronical box.
This image was taken from a photo Gail Slaughter sent me from her garden in California. She is usually on the lookout for fairies and elves that paint leaves but here she caught a Mermaid sunning herself. Well, in the sea, they sort of have filtered sun, you know? In the area of California where Gail resides they have much more cloud than sun.
I used Microsoft Photo Editor to smudge and sharpen and then smudge again to create the weird sandy/watery texture and then used Picassa to progressively tint the picture, warmify, etc etc etc. I forget what all I did, but if you fool around with Picassa, you can too.
photo: Gail Slaughter
effects: Michael Serafin

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