12 May 2009

"Paint" Project... Elphaba the Eloquent Cat

Gail Slaughter is taking a figure-drawing course. (With real nude models... that is, they are real and they are also nude... I'm not saying they are "really nude" as in nuder than the usual nude, because nude is nude and that's about the most you can say... remember getting your clothes "whiter than white?" Oh, hell, I digress from my digression.)
Elphaba, the cat who lives with Gail (or one of the cats who share her abode, that is, there being another named Hybrow) came over to comment on Gail's artwork and how well it was progressing, and Gail said, "oh, thank you, dear, for your eloquent opinion, may I take your photo for posterity?"
TOP: "Finished" version with background reduced to essentials
BOTTOM: "Halfway" version taken from original photo

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