25 August 2009

Farm by Moonlight

by Mary Stebbins Tait, digital smudge painting, new today.

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---Michael--- said...

Very Halloweeny picture, Mary, and welcome back!! I've been very busy with all sorts of things and am working with borrowed computers so I don't have unlimited time to spend on EinP, to say nothing of the other blogs, so what I did was to zap most of the others over to THIS blog to consolidate things. It was really pretty easy to merge all that old content into this blog, given the application I found they have in Blogger to do so. NOW I think I'll go back and revisit all those older postings and recycle them. I know you can alter the posting dates to get them back up to the top of the blog again and you can also alter the order in other ways, so that's what I think that I, as general editor, should do. Cheerio!