11 September 2009

The Beachcomber

Leaflady Gail has been in California for a couple years now, and she often visits the nearby beaches at Arcata near Eureka, which for those of you who are geographically challenged is on the coast north of San Francisco.. quite a ways north, actually.

Gail says the climate there is not what you'd expect. I looked on the weather and saw that while they had 100 degree temperatures recently near Los Angeles, Eureka had temps in the low sixties. And Gail says that's typical.. YEAR 'ROUND.

This explains the misty fog and Gail's attire.

I miss having Gail here in Michigan as much as she misses the wide variation of weather we enjoy (and sometimes complain about), but fate separates us.

If you see this, dear LL, remember me and smile, OK?


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Charming picture of Gail, our dear Leaf Lady who I dearly miss!!! Nice frame for it.

Michael Serafin-St. John said...

I like messing around with the Paint program because it's fast and I seem to have a slight knack for it.

As for Gail, she has done just about everything possible lately to discourage me from communicating with her. She has strange rules of "disengagement" I guess I'm supposed to follow. I guess I'll never understand her or her me. It's sad. And I miss her too, more than words can say, but she apparently is determined to forget me now, or at least let me fade away into oblivion..