15 January 2009

A Blonde in Winter

Gail Slaughter (aka leaflady) sends in this seasonally adjusted joke:

A trucker stops for a red light, and as he sits there he hears a banging on his door. Startled and curious, he looks out and it's a blonde, clutching a brand-new parka around her, looking concerned, so he naturally rolls his window down to see what she wants. Her breath comes out all smoky from the cold.

"Hi," she says, "My name is Heather. I was following you and I just thought I'd tell you... you're losing some of your load!"

The light's about to change, so the trucker shakes his head. "Better get back in your car lady, you'll get run over or something," and rolls the window back up before the wind can freeze his face off. The light changes and he grinds gears to get going again down the road.

Intent on what he's doing, the trucker almost forgets the whole thing until a mile or so farther on, another traffic light looms up red in the swirling snow and he has to pump the brakes and skid and crunch to a stop. He's just reaching for his coffee when BANG BANG BANG goes the door. Amazingly enough, it's the same blonde! Sighing, the trucker cracks the window open and she's shouting over the howling wind.

"Hi," she says, "remember me? Heather? Well I don't wanta nag or anything, but you're still losing part of your load!"

There's nothing to do but humor her. "Yeah, sure, right, thanks," he tells her, and waves her back to her car, hoping she'll find somebody else to bug. He looks back in his mirror and sees her pile into a little yellow car behind him. Shrugging his shoulders, grinding his gears, off he goes again.

It's a long day, miles and miles of road to cover, all over town, but wherever he goes, every time he looks back, there's that little yellow car with the blonde, following in his wake, so finally when it's time to pull over for coffee he jumps down out of the truck and heads to the back as she pulls up behind. Her window comes down but before she can say anything, he sets her straight.

"Look, Heather, my name's Mark, this is Michigan, and this here's a salt truck."

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