22 January 2009

What in the World?????

Some of you out there have visited Google Earth at one point or another...you download software that allows you to search space photographs of various places on earth. Well, months and months ago I decided to "zoom in" on my own address in Jackson, Michigan, and was online with a Blogger friend, Andree in Vermont. She called up the same shot as I did and asked me what the tower was growing out of my apartment building. I said, no tower, what tower?

YIKES. As you can see in these two pics taken from Google Earth, SOMETHING that is not there IS there. AND IT STILL IS.

Much weirder still the apartment designated by the tip of the "white spear" collapsed on top of me.....two TONS of concrete ceiling came down. And I was saved from being crushed because I answered a phone call from Andree SECONDS before the collapse.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. >

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