06 January 2009

Not-so Brave New World

Change, change, change... and the more things change, the more they... what?

Remain the same, of course, and we should remember that when we look back from the future and recall the present days. We will be looking back from a world, about five or so years hence, that will have experienced rather startling changes which we should not consider startling at all.

We should not be startled because these changes will be technological, not spiritual, and certainly not fundamental. Nor will these changes make it possible for the human race to solve any of its differences, feed any greater fraction of its population adequately, or lessen our risks of war.

It's not going out on a limb to say these things, crystal ball-wise. It's only a simple matter of looking backwards and seeing where we've been to figure out where we will be going.

The issues in my future, regardless of how high-tech we become, will remain:
  1. How far can I trust myself financially? That is, there will always be questions of how much to spend on what, and afterwards, all the same self-incrimination for goofing up the process. It's safe to say I will never, ever solve this conundrum or REALLY feel I have a handle on all my money issues.
  2. Who loves me?
  3. Where am I going when I die and if there's any chance I'm heading to the wrong destination, how much time have I got to get the situation straightened out?

So It's All Very Simple................(send HELP!!!!!!)

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