29 February 2008

Early Warning Easter

Have you seen how early
is this year?

Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon
following the Spring Equinox. The date is obtained
from the Lunar Calendar Hebrew people use to
mark the Feast of The Passover.

With our present day Gregorian
calendar, the date moves around.
(Easter can occur as early as March 22,
but that is pretty rare.) This year Easter is March 23rd, 2008...

the earliest Easter any of us will ever see!

Next time Easter will be this early--- 2228.
The last time--- 1913.

Only the most elderly of our population
(you'd have to be 95)
---have ever seen it this early.

and the bottom line is:

.....no one alive today will
ever see an earlier Easter!

(A big hug and thanks to Gail Slaughter)

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