23 February 2008

"Sunset Storm at Greenfield Village"

Mary Stebbins Taitt created this picture and sent it to me today. This was interesting... today just happens to be one of those days when it fits the mood, even though the sun is shining. Days can be like that, and it's a paradox, sometimes. You want to feel good, but you have trouble doing it. Or a friend is ill and can't be consoled. You try in good heart, and yet you fail. Thank goodness for such days, though. They keep us in check. They keep us from getting the "big head". They remind us that all is not tidy and predictable. They keep us on our toes, and watchful.


sonia a. mascaro said...

What a dramatic sky! Great photo!

---Michael--- said...

Having visited your site "Leaves of Grass"
I consider your opinion very important, Sonia...you have taken such wonderful pictures yourself! I really loved the bandstands there...such a variety! Once every small town in America had it's bandstand for Sunday concerts and political rallies...they are now more gazebos, for decoration. But sometimes the music still pours forth...