24 February 2008

the trucker and the blonde

One day, while a blonde is out driving, she runs into a truck.
The truck driver makes her pull over and get out of the car.
He takes a piece of chalk and traces a circle on the pavement.
"Stand in that circle and don't move a muscle!" he growls.

Then, completely furious, he pulls a knife and slashes her tires!
The blonde sees this act of violence and starts laughing!

This makes the man really see red, so next he takes a tire iron and smashes her windshield. But the screwy blonde? she laughs even harder!

Now the trucker goes crazy! He breaks all her windows, and sets fire to the car!

But by now the blonde is laughing hysterically, out of control.

The truck driver cannot believe this woman. "What's so funny?!!" he demands.

The blonde giggles."While you weren't looking, I stepped out of the circle... three times!"


---Michael--- said...

This is an old "dumb blonde" joke and I should be "like,totally" ashamed of myself, but I was visiting Jen in Australia and saw it and said, what the heck.

Andrée said...

OMG that is so funny and so awful!!! But I'm still laughing hard!

---Michael--- said...

It is SO AWFUL, in fact, that I decided to give all blondes everywhere their chance at revenge!

go to my new blog
and see...

dot said...

That certainly made me laugh!!

Akelamalu said...

She sure was dumb!

---Michael--- said...

And yet, to her, it was a victory!
(Must have been a rental car, is my guess.)