27 January 2008

Dance With Death

Photo: MST------Enhanced: MAS

Darkness descends. Night comes on. And so do the streetlamps, and so do the winds, and snow, and sleet, until you wonder if you're mistaken in your life. You've made a wrong turn. It was back there someplace when you lost sight of your destination. The same destination we all have, sooner or later. Look forward to Death? Why not? He's coming, ready or not, ollie ollie outs in free. Now, I'm not ready to shake His hand quite yet, thank you, but I've brushed by Him a few times, and He's not such big stuff. Just a messenger bringing notice of your eviction, that's all. But I think I've got Him taken care of. I'm thinking smart, thinking ahead, and you know what? I'm one prepared Boy Scout. When Death comes to visit, I'm outa here. He can take his eviction notice and.....
Photo: Mary Stebbins Taitt