27 January 2008

When I'm Alone at Night Like This

It was not so cold tonight...kind of mushy-mooshy. Out there driving, though you slipt and slid and lunged at lampposts, if you kept both hands on the wheel and gave 'er the gun, you fishtailed through OK.

This is assuming these maneuvers were made with certain allowances. In such situations here in Michigan, if you don't bother giving yourself the elbow room, you take out signs and trees and expensive government property.

But this was a good night. A good night to challenge the world, take it head-on, peddle the metal, go for broke, drive on, soldier, drive on: you're Good to Go.

We love these things in our State. It's like Roller Derby. It's like All-Pro Wrestling on TV (in black and white). It's like a good, short snort of Uncle Andy's Anti-Freeze. It's what you live up Northway for:

to feel Free...............................M

1 comment:

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I do not like it when it is slippery! I do NOT want to challenge lamp posts and trees with my car not be in the car with someone else who likes to challenge trees.