23 January 2008

Found in Wandering

a wounded bird
a newfound friend
a sighing wind
a rustle of leaves
a taste of cool berries
a place of contentment
the hand of God
the meaning of life
the stillness of death
the roar of the sea
the touch of the sun
the fullness of time
your very last breath
poetry: MAS
picture: Deena Warner
"Sorties, Cathexes, & Personal Effects"


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Beautiful image and words.

ImperfectNerd said...

The blogsite I borrowed this picture from is "retiring" and I couldn't resist it when I ran over there. MAS's poetry is the type known in the US as "free haiku" and started up during the "Beat" era when folks like Jack Kerouac were enthusiasts of that genre.
It is not known where it got the name, but I heard performances in free haiku in an Ann Arbor coffeehouse back in '69.

Andrée said...

If I may post this poem with full credit on my blog? It haunts me.

ImperfectNerd said...

Yes, Andree, you are really welcome, and thank you for journeying so far into the blog to find it!

Willard said...

That's a wonderful poem!

ImperfectNerd said...

That compliment is wonderful, too, Willard. Thank you so much. I think you are the sort who likes to think, and I really like that.

ImperfectNerd said...

And if anybody still has doubts, yes, I did write the poem myself, but take absolutely no credit from, and only extend grateful credit to, the artist who was its inspiration.