31 January 2008

Meet Mini-HaHa...Our New Mascot

Mini is a dedicated individual, as you can plainly see from this picture. Whether at rest or at work, Mini BOLDLY goes where no HaHa has gone before... sometimes by inadvertently taking a snooze on the keyboard!! When Gail isn't around, he can get up to some strange antics, and we sometimes suspect that most of the typos you find in EinP have something to do with that. We're not trying to place blame, here but...
Anyhow, we welcome Mini-HaHa to the gang.
Photo: Gail Slaughter


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

LOL! Very cute. :-D

ImperfectNerd said...

Did you happen to notice EXACTLY where Mini is sitting on the keys? If not, go back and look, because I think Gail was having a joke with us there.