23 January 2008

Featured Guest: Mary Stebbins Taitt

Yes, friends, she does have a camera or two!
This is Mary, who everybody who's been to E in P has probably wondered about. I didn't make Mary's acquaintance directly until a little while ago... she was merely a "CC" on email from my friend Gail in California.
Somehow we finally connected and I got to see some of her work, and was blown away.
This picture was taken by her husband Keith Taitt, aka Keith Tait Photography. I liked it, and had no other picture of her to look at, so I pilfered this one to show YOU. (And I hope she doesn't mind because if so I'm in big trouble!)
All the really swell stuff that Mary has let me plug into this newborn blog of mine, and her comments, have kept me going at this little project, which, come to think of it, was her suggestion in the first place! I had so much to say in our "almost real-time" email exchanges that she decided, I guess, that, rather than bug HER with it all, I should go public. So, I have, and the rest will be history when I'm dead and gone away! ........MS

1 comment:

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Well, I am surprised and honored to be a guest on your site! Thanks! :-D

And there are lots of other people out that worth profiling, too!

If you like art, go to Monday Artday or Illustration Friday (and many others). If you like Photography, Check out Friday Photo and Thursday photo. I may send you some links.

Thanks again for the feature! How sweet. :-D

PS--I have a whole BLOG full of self portraits, LOL! (Some are pretty bad though!)

We met in person at Ella Sharp? You were fishing. And shy.