29 March 2008


REMEMBER!  Turn off your lights tonight from 8-9, and all unessential power users.  Computer.  TV.  Help save the earth and raise awareness.

Read what BerryBird has to say here and here.  Visit the official site!  AND TURN OFF YOUR LIGHTS!  8-9 PM.

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Debbie in NC said...

Michael, thanks you for stopping by to see me :) It's ironic...you miss the yard and I'm thinking of an apartment LOL

I only have a little over a half an acre and I actually like mowing, but the creek is really a pain in the behind. I love the feeling AFTER the mowing :)

I have a lot of weeds because I don't spend extra money to fertilize, sow seed because the new construction has pretty much ruined my yard from the stormwater run off debacle.

Having just learned about Earth Hour this week, I'm excited too and plan on doing my part :)

Have a great weekend!