03 March 2008

"Fiske School Project"

This is not an original photograph or a painting...not exactly, anyway. It is really BOTH. Andree in Vermont took a photo of Fiske School. I cropped the photo and adjusted it in Picasa. I then exported the result to Paint, where I retouched it to hide a TV antenna in the shot.


---Michael--- said...

Andree took this picture as part of a class in photography she is auditing. The assignment was: hysterical buildings. Er, "historical." (Whatever.) Anyway, she sent me the shot and the Nerd went at it.

Willard said...

You did a good job on that one too! Take care and keep up the good work!

---Michael--- said...

Some people I've been "exposed" to in photography say they are offended by retouching and corrective work done to improve the beauty of the results. They don't seem to understand that tinting and retouching has been an integral part of photography since its very inception, and the very first movies made relied on special effects. In fact, I can imagine Og turning to Grog in the cave and saying, "Good job! But put 'em bigger horns on buffalo!"