18 March 2008

"Three Muskrateers"

So far as I know this is the first time I've managed to get us together:
Michael, Mary and Gail---the three persons responsible for EinP.
No, I'm not grinning... Gail has always said I never learned to smile.
(I tell her it's what's inside that counts.)


Andrée said...

neat! you may not be smiling but you look as kind as gail and mary. all of you are bundled up!

---Michael--- said...

Mary didn't know I smoked until she saw that picture... Gail has known me for ten years and knew it because I'd always sneak outside when we'd finished having Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner (right before I came back to help wash the dishes.)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

How nice to see us all together. I actually LIKE that shot of you quite a bit and still think you might do soemthing with the expended version that repeats the shapes.