21 March 2008

Skywatch Friday: "Anitique Vermont Barn"

When the "spring" snow stops and you have trouble distinguishing sky from ground, you just may be a Vermonter. Andree sent me this arresting shot awhile ago but from what she tells me today, as I'm posting it, the snow is still unrelenting.


SandyCarlson said...

That is a wonderful photo, Michael. Andree's talent is always a joy to experience.

Thanks so much for stopping by my poetry blog today and leaving such thoughtful and helpful comments.

God bless.

---Michael--- said...

Thanks, Sandy, though the last time someone called me "helpful" was when I was clapping erasers in Catholic school!

(I have posted Skywatch pictures on "Impressions..." and "Pictures I Love" also, for anyone interested.)

Andrée said...

thank you for posting this, Michael. It's one of my favorites for exactly the reason you mention: the lake of difference between sky and ground.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Andree, I love this barn shot! And I do love the way the sky and ground merge. I LOVE old barns. I also love Vermont--like my pal from Silk Creek Portal, Scott Carter.

What a line of crap, Michael, of course yr helpful!