12 March 2008

Witless Wednesday: Snow Swimming!


---Michael--- said...

Gail Slaughter, my very good friend in California, sent this picture in for Witless Wednesday. "Witless Wednesday" is something new, and is a takeoff on the popular meme "Wordless Wednesday." Maybe someday we will make it a regular feature. Leave a comment and tell us what you think of the idea!
PS/ This is a guy in Iowa, so I'm told!/---M---

bluerose9062 said...

OMG! Where does she find this stuff?! Ha, ha, ha. I makes me cold just looking at it. How much do you think he had to drink to pose for that?

Witless Wednesday should be very interesting. Like the idea!

napaboaniya said...

I think Witless Wednesday would be kinda fun!
OMFG! What is the person thinking in that picture!!! I hate to think that part of him frozen :P