28 March 2008

"Make a Wish" meme

This is what it's all about:
1. Think about what you want more than anything.
2. Right click and SAVE the "Wish Picture" above.
3. Post the saved "Wish Picture" and add YOUR wish.
4. Come back and let us know where to find it.

So, what is my wish?

I wish that somehow, someway, sometime when it's LEAST expected, good fortune comes into your life. "Share the wealth" is fine, but there has to be some to share!

...that's my WISH!~


---Michael--- said...

Mary T, AKA "the teach" has had a version of this meme on her website, and I decided to borrow it and see if it can spread further.

(I might add that making a wish in this manner is ABSOLUTELY guaranteed to work, or double your money back!)

Anonymous said...

Great idea!

Debbie in NC said...

I'm a new Sky Watcher and I ADORE this Make A Wish! I just made mine and we'll see if it comes true!

I will post this very soon! I love this!

Serendipity said...

I have a wish too! It's a great sky photo.

Please visit mine here.

Ida said...

Cute. Like a blessing.
Good idea.
WISHING you a happy weekend! :)

Daniel J Santos said...

great idea for the sky watch.

Old Wom Tigley said...

I am not against the thoughts behind this but I was surprised to see our own Sky Watch icon involved.
Dot and I have put many many hours into getting Sky Watch up and running.. we like the format of Sky Watch as it is..
It is not broke and it dose not need fixing.
If you want to start a Make a Wish Friday do so...

My 'wish' for it is you please remove any connections to Sky Watch Friday..

Thank you

Anne-Berit said...

I agree with Tom,this is not a Sky Watch photo,but I am sure you ment well:o)

Misty Dawn said...

Since I have done this meme, I realize that some are experiencing a misunderstanding. So, I am going to take a moment to defend you - I hope you don't mind.

This is not an attempt to create a "Make a Wish Friday" and this is not an attempt to take over or insult Sky Watch. "Make a Wish" is a one-time meme that isn't associated with any day of the week.

This is a fun meme that was created to 'make a wish'. Here, in this post, it was used because it is a wish on the sky.

When I opened this post, I smiled, because I thought it was a neat idea to use it as a Sky Watch post. Michael, I am sorry that you received harsh feelings on this. I realize that you were not attempting to upset anyone. Sometimes things are misunderstood and overreacted to.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Me again
I have read what others have put and if I have jumped the gun on this today forgive me.... I do not want to make a song and dance of this matter now. If it as been a misunderstanding then I am very sorry. I am sure we can get over it and put it behind us. I now 'Wish' friendship for all.. :O)

---Michael--- said...

Misty, I thank you for playing peacemaker, and Tom, I am sorry if you were taken aback by my using your logo (as many do) to promote your meme. I have decided it is best to remove it because it may be construed as a conflict of interest. I will continue to list your blog in my bloglist, Tom, so that I can easily find it.

dot said...

Actually the moon picture is my very own picture taken with my Canon and the logo was made for me by a fellow blogger sister3. Thank you for removing it.
So now lets all hug and be friends forever. lol

---Michael--- said...

Dot, where are the blog police when you really need them?

I have little way of knowing how many of my own pieces of stories and computer artwork have found their way elsewhere, but I guess as long as people don't sell them at a profit, that's ok by me.

I always try to give credit where credit is due but sometimes the origins of some stuff gets blurred unless you can read the metadata, which I unfortunately cannot do.

Even the Wild West had some conventions and rules to live by, but in the end people got along because they wanted to, and because it was more advantageous to them to share and cooperate than to fight over the waterhole.

Skittles said...

Hey Michael. This was my first week playing and Tom had issues with me too. :(

---Michael--- said...

I'm sorry to hear that, Skit.

Oh, well!

ANYWAY, Tom (Old Wom Tigley) has been around blogging longer than many, and knows better than us mere mortals what the rules are.

I exchanged email messages with him and I think we might have mended the fences between us.

Thing is, my SECOND wish was for there to be no fences at all...

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

One thing I wish is that misunderstandings and hurt feelings didn't occur as often as they do.

I wish everyone would be kind and happy and not accidentally hurt be hurt.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

my make a wish meme is here.