29 March 2008

"Andree's Visitor"

This is a small "test" version of a larger posting Andree in Vermont is presently working on. It's a picture of a hairy woodpecker at her birdfeeder. Sometimes I do such things just to "try out" a given layout or composition, and see what's what. The poetry is by ME!


---Michael--- said...

When testing a layout, the actual quality of a photo sometimes isn't of great concern because the final version will be of much higher resolution. That's the case here, but I thought you might be interested in seeing it as a kind of inside peek on the process of fitting image to copy in poster work.

---Michael--- said...

The original picture was selected from 41 different "takes" Andree captured digitally. The image was imported to Picassa and the background was made uniform, and the image was straightened and sharpened slightly, then taken to Paint where the background was "painted out" to a larger size to be able to accomodate the text. The text was applied in OpenOffice, then the whole poster was exported as a PDF file back to Paint to create a JPG file for posting here.

(Andree will use a high-resolution copy of the picture and more sophisticated techniques in Photoshop to do HER version.)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Very nice! Lovely picture and cute poem!

Let us know how things are going!